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Case Study: Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) Data Mapping Tool

A case study on Answer Digital's work with Oxford University Hospitals (OUH), and the Answer team's involvement in building and improving a bespoke solution for a robust data source mapping tool.

Case Study: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust's Gen-O

A case study on Answer Digital's work with MFT, showcasing the GEN-O app's role in revolutionising genomic medicine and patient care in the North West.

AI Platform Live in 6 NHS Trusts

Revolutionary AI healthcare platform launches in 6 NHS Trusts

Case Study: PrinSIX

PrinSIX partnered with Answer to develop the customer interface and digital platform.

Case Study: RPMI

Over two years, Answer, and RPMI have developed a robust, long-term and open relationship, which has enabled the delivery of a high-quality digital solution, the member portal.

All you need to know about Answer Academy

Answer Academy is a 12 week programme run by our own expert teams who combine structured training and self-learning with hands-on mentoring throughout. While the focus is on developing foundation knowledge and ongoing skills, the aptitude assessments help graduates prepare for agile project delivery beyond the Academy.


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