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Is NICE right on what needs to be undertaken to progress the use of AI for reviewing chest imaging in the NHS?

Responding to NICE's recent review into AI's role in chest X-ray analysis for lung cancer. We examine if NICE's pace matches AI's rapid advancements in healthcare.

The OMOP CDM - How can you get started?

Explore the final installment of our OMOP CDM blog series, focusing on the key stages of implementation. Discover how to efficiently map real-world healthcare data, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

The OMOP CDM – How difficult is it to implement?

Exploring OMOP CDM's role in healthcare, it streamlines UK data with NHS support, yet grapples with challenges such as coding diversity and governance.

The OMOP CDM – A contender for standardising healthcare data?

Delving into OMOP CDM in healthcare data, it stands tall alongside giants like HL7, FHIR, and OpenEHR... but what does it mean for patient outcomes and the challenges ahead?"

The rise of AI and how it can help UX

The use and applications of AI are growing broader by the day, with some suggesting it will be as revolutionary as the internet... but how does it effect the UX space?

AI Platform Live in 6 NHS Trusts

Revolutionary AI healthcare platform launches in 6 NHS Trusts


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