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AI Platform Live in 6 NHS Trusts

Revolutionary AI healthcare platform launches in 6 NHS Trusts

The Answer is Women!

On International Women's Day, we're reflecting on the amazing women here at Answer Digital, talking about the importance of our women in tech community and why this day is so important to us

An Introduction to Website Accessibility Testing

Website accessibility is important for several reasons. Our Accessibility Test Engineer, Charles, discusses how accessibility can help improve your website for everyone not just those with additional needs.

An Agile Approach to Compliance

Financial Regulation and Compliance might seem like the perfect Anti-Pattern to Agile Adoption but in reality Financial Services have always had to be Agile in their response to regulation.

6 Barriers to Agile Adoption in Financial Services

The benefits of moving to Agile methodologies have been well documented but in many organisations there can be blockers to overcome. Here are 6 barriers that often affect Agile Adoption in Financial Services organisations.

What is green coding & what are the benefits?

Lead Business Analyst, Matt Cotton shares his thoughts on some of the challenges and key benefits of green coding.


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