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How investing in UCD benefits the healthcare sector

The healthcare landscape is incredibly complex. Most people's only interactions are with patient facing staff; doctors, nurses and receptionists, but behind the scenes there is a lot more going on...

AI Platform Live in 6 NHS Trusts

Revolutionary AI healthcare platform launches in 6 NHS Trusts

The Answer is Women!

On International Women's Day, we're reflecting on the amazing women here at Answer Digital, talking about the importance of our women in tech community and why this day is so important to us

Deconstructing the Monolith

As large monolithic platforms become increasingly difficult to maintain and upgrade, We ask "Is there a better way?"

Shift Left and Accessibility Testing Tools

How can a Shift Left approach and accessibility testing tools can help to make the web more accessible, leading to a better user experience for everybody, and a more efficient development process overall.

An Introduction to Website Accessibility Testing

Website accessibility is important for several reasons. Our Accessibility Test Engineer, Charles, discusses how accessibility can help improve your website for everyone not just those with additional needs.


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