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A day in the life of the Delivery Academy

Our three new delivery acadamites share what a typical day looks like for them

Change Management: Handy tools, models and techniques, and when to apply them

Following on from the previous 2 change management blogs, this blog offers a high-level summary on the most common types of techniques, where they are suitable, and when they should be applied.

Change Management: When to do it

Following on from our previous article on Change Management, we delve into the detail about when Change Management should be implemented.

Change Management - why it is important (and always will be for humans)

Change is everywhere in our lives. Always has been, always will be. The world we live in looks different to what it did 10, 20, 50 years go. The phone in your hand is different every year. The environment in which you work has changed considerably over the last decade. The food you eat, and the drink you drink, are different. You communicate with other people in a very different way to what you did when you were younger. And that’s just the obvious stuff.

6 ways to ace an interview

Interviews might feel intimidating, but with the right preparation you can turn what may seem daunting and stressful into something exciting and even fun. Here are 6 suggestions from Answer Digital on how to ace the interview and land the position!

Being a Starter at Answer Digital

We all know that entering a new established team can seem slightly daunting as well as exciting. What if you don't share any interests? Or perhaps they lack your sense of humour?


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