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Answer Digital acquires healthcare product specialists Interneuron

Answer Digital has strengthened its healthcare division with the acquisition of Interneuron, a provider of specialist healthcare digital systems.

Case Study: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust's Gen-O

A case study on Answer Digital's work with MFT, showcasing the GEN-O app's role in revolutionising genomic medicine and patient care in the North West.

People, processes and technology - the steps for the NHS to realise the potential of virtual wards

Virtual wards exceed NHS's 2024 target with 11,000+ beds, reducing hospital admissions. Yet improving outcomes requires a key focus on people, processes, and technology for home-based care.

There’s a strategy for that: how to accelerate deployment of innovative AI solutions

This first post in a series examines the development of AI strategies in healthcare, emphasising open platforms over proprietary systems for innovation. It covers AI applications, evaluation, technology choices, and operational integration.

Is NICE right on what needs to be undertaken to progress the use of AI for reviewing chest imaging in the NHS?

Responding to NICE's recent review into AI's role in chest X-ray analysis for lung cancer. We examine if NICE's pace matches AI's rapid advancements in healthcare.

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Every day in the UK around 13 babies die before, during or soon after birth. On this Baby Loss Awareness Week, join us as we share our personal stories of this profound loss.


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