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6 ways to ace an interview

Interviews might feel intimidating, but with the right preparation you can turn what may seem daunting and stressful into something exciting and even fun. Here are 6 suggestions from Answer Digital on how to ace the interview and land the position!

Being a Starter at Answer Digital

We all know that entering a new established team can seem slightly daunting as well as exciting. What if you don't share any interests? Or perhaps they lack your sense of humour?

Our accessibility journey to achieve WCAG Compliance

71% of people with disabilities will leave an inaccessible website within 10 seconds

The Importance of Team Health Checks

More than ever before, businesses are looking for innovative ways to assess and visualise how their teams are performing. According to Luisa Van Der End, Senior Agile Project Manager, Answer uses an agile approach to better understand the employees needs and the current state of wellbeing

All you need to know about Answer Academy

Answer Academy is a 12 week programme run by our own expert teams who combine structured training and self-learning with hands-on mentoring throughout. While the focus is on developing foundation knowledge and ongoing skills, the aptitude assessments help graduates prepare for agile project delivery beyond the Academy

The Pros and Cons of DevOps at Answer

DevOps resembles almost a mindset, but it also has the connotation of a buzzword that takes on various interpretations


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