All you need to know about Answer Academy

31st May 2022

All you need to know about Answer Academy

Consulting is one of the most popular job paths for MBA students, and consulting roles are extremely competitive in general. The fundamental problem is that most candidates are putting in a lot of effort to get a job that they have no experience with which is vital for a consultancy in most cases. However, Answer Digital has recently introduced a 12-week training programme designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to land your dream job!

What is an Answer Academy?

Answer Academy is a 12 week programme run by our own expert teams who combine structured training and self-learning with hands-on mentoring throughout. While the focus is on developing foundation knowledge and ongoing skills, the aptitude assessments help graduates prepare for agile project delivery beyond the Academy.

Answer's business analysis practice is expanding all the time, and the academites are a big part of it, developing their skillset within the  profession while maintaining an ear to the ground and understanding trends in the external analytical world.

Who are Answer Academy participants?

“We receive participants from all backgrounds.” Says Claire Robson, Lead Business Analyst at Answer Digital. The Answer Academy is open to everyone and anyone. We are happy to hear from recent graduates as well as individuals seeking a career change or any individual who is truly interested in the programmes we offer.

Previously on the programme we welcomed a maths teacher who sought a change in career, a sales representative who came to the program with a problem-solving mentality, and a recent graduate who wished to start a career entirely different from the one they studied.  We really value having this diversity within the team.

Why Answer Academy?

Learning the practical tools and techniques of your chosen discipline alongside seasoned professionals sets you up for success in your career. You are provided with support and guidance which prepares you to work on a live project as part of an agile team to deliver unique solutions after graduating from the Answer Academy. We provide every opportunity for our graduates to achieve their goals, and will continue to support them after the Academy ends.

Feedback from our current Academites

Academite 1

“Answer’s values focus on people is evident through wellbeing mentors, career guides and work/Life balance. Everyone is personable and approachable. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the BA Academy. We have small groups, interactive workshops and BA coaches to shadow on projects so we are prepared after the academy!”

Academite 2

“The academy is a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career, with one of the UK's most exciting tech consultancies. Not only does it offer a great structured program, you're also learning directly from amazing people who have tons of experience in different fields.”

Academite 3

“The academy has given me a great foundation in multiple different areas of business analysis. This learning will be directly linked to my future success in the role so i'm very thankful for the opportunity!”

Academite 4

“Being on the Academy is an excellent, well-paced stepping stone into a great career. There's so much support for you to learn, refine skills and build experience!”

If this is something at interest to you, make the first step and apply on - We are looking forward to reviewing your applications!

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