Managed Services

With years of experience and expertise in designing, building, and transitioning live services across public and private sectors, our managed service offering is founded on ITIL best practices and places a high value on quality and strive for continuous service improvement, delivering a service that is both flexible and cost-efficient while consistently meeting expected performance levels.

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Our service is built on the foundation of ITIL best practices, with a strong emphasis on providing responsive and reliable L2 and L3 support. We offer a comprehensive suite of service processes, backed by effective service governance and performance metrics.

Our focus is to deliver a high-quality service experience, guided by industry best practices and aimed at meeting your specific needs.

Answer in action

  • Answer Digital collaborated with NHS Digital to provide live service management for the National Coronavirus Vaccination Programme. They acted as a service integrator and handled live service operations, including incident management, reporting, and continual service improvement.

  • Answer provides Service Management to the London Centre for AI following a 2 year Application Development Programme to build revolutionary AI Deployment Engine and Federated Learning Interoperability in 10 NHS Trusts. In implementation, Answer has established service operations management, including the introduction of key performance measures which feedback to ensure continuous service improvement. Release management, including information governance and clinical safety provide regulatory controls in the process.

Improved uptime, reduced costs, peace of mind

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