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Our user centered design services put people at its core. We enable cost-effective delivery of digital services for our customers by understanding users needs, motivations and frustrations and designing solutions that meet them, creating more effective products and services, and building experiences that delights users.

How we can help

Our UCD approach saves clients time and money by creating products, services and experiences that are not only more effective and efficient, but easier and more enjoyable to use.

We achieve this by understanding the users needs, motivations and frustrations, using them to create an end product with higher levels of user satisfaction and loyalty, as well increased efficiency and productivity.

UCD adds constant value throughout any project, prioritising tasks and requirements based on user needs and feedback, ensuring time and effort isn't spent on areas of low value to users, and reducing the risk of rework later.

Answer in action

  • Assisting in the creation of four new APIs to be used in patient facing services, like the NHS app, we worked to identify the different users, systems and requirements; mapping out the tasks they will perform that make use of the APIs and create blueprints of how those services are made up, making recommendations to ensure the services are efficient and offer a streamlined user experience.

  • Working in close collaboration with internal stakeholders, we reviewed the existing order journey, performed customer and competitor research and developed an iterative roadmap of features and enhancements. We created interactive prototypes and worked with the internal development team to bring them to life, bringing significant improvements to the customer experience, shortening the journey and removing friction.

  • As part of a first of its kind AI platform, our UX and UI designers worked in a multidiscipline agile team to iteratively design complex interfaces. To enable us to iterate at pace, we created a project wide design system, enabling rapid prototyping and validation.

When you focus on the users… Everyone benefits

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