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Data services play a vital role in digital transformation by offering valuable insights, informing strategic decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency, driving overall transformation, and optimising business processes.

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Our Data Service helps our clients effectively leverage their data assets to drive their digital transformation, support their business objectives, and help them stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly data-driven world.

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    Bank North needed detailed regulatory reports for their license application and ongoing compliance. We utilized Stitch ETL to extract data from third-party applications and integrated it into a snowflake data lake. Customized data marts were created to meet Bank North's specific needs, enabling automated reports for regulatory, commercial, and operational purposes. Our cloud-based solution provided flexibility for future data utilization. Bank North now has comprehensive insights and meets regulatory requirements efficiently.

  • During the COVID-19 crisis, NHS Digital faced the challenge of monitoring vital operational services for the COVID test and vaccinations. Our Data Service played a critical role by setting up the strategic IT Operations Centre (ITOC) and improving response procedures. We identified key services, integrated data into Splunk, and defined alert thresholds. With real-time monitoring and insights from Splunk, the NHS ensured smooth operations. ITOC now manages 22 service areas, 360+ sub-services, 2,400+ alerts, and 100+ dashboards, ingesting 12TB+ of data daily.

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