Why it’s the right time to start your career at Answer now!

18th May 2022

Why it’s the right time to start your career at Answer now!

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Endless opportunities!

Employees like the feeling of enhancing their talents and expanding their knowledge through job opportunities. For Answer Digital it is a fundamental human need. We become bored, distracted, and disengaged when our task is routine and repetitive. People seek work situations that challenge their minds and skills, allowing them to rise to the occasion and thrive. That’s why Answer is the place to be!

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Exciting projects!

An American Entrepreneur, Marc Anthony once said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” You could argue that work is still work at the end of the day, right? True, but the meaning of those statements should be clear: you should strive to accomplish work that you enjoy and are enthusiastic about. “We truly work on some ground breaking projects here at Answer.” Says Carl, Test Engineer at Answer, “You are definitely well placed to move forwards when working at Answer.”

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Fantastic team!

People will interact with one another several times throughout the day, therefore increasing team cohesion is vital for Answer. When employees are having fun at work, they are more likely to have open and honest conversations with their co-workers. Because it acts as an icebreaker, office fun helps with onboarding and 'nurturing.' Co-workers learn more about one other's hobbies, personalities, and routines, and they are more likely to support one another. We are an Answer family, to be clear!

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Great socials!

Answer love their socials and definitely never fail at them! Answer truly believes that employees who are happy with the overall quality of their work connections are more likely to stay with the company. Therefore, they highly encourage informal interactions, such as after-hours social gatherings, which support the establishment of more favourable connections and have a substantial impact on employee satisfaction. P.S. there’s nothing better than getting free food and having a laugh!

"I'm a DJ for Answer at socials, and it's fantastic—you feel acknowledged and appreciated not only for your profession, but also for your hobbies and interests too." The company is empowered by who you are, and that's what makes everyone so amazing!" Said Carl.

It's not just about cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking projects for Answer; it's following a value based ethos ‘putting love into the room’.

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