Being a Starter at Answer Digital

28th June 2022

Being a Starter at Answer Digital

You've successfully completed the application process, aced the interview, and received a job offer. It's likely that you have already experienced a range of emotions, but now that it's time to get down to business, this can frequently feel like the scariest stage of all.

We all know that entering a new established team can seem slightly daunting as well as exciting. What if you don't share any interests? Or perhaps they lack your sense of humour? When all you eat is pineapple on pizza, will they look down on you poorly? Questions we all ask. But John Graham, a Lead UX Design Consultant, and Dan Tarrant, a UX/UI Designer, emphasised that it was different at Answer.

“When you walk through the entrance doors at Answer, what stands out is that the company is all about its people.” said John, “No daunting feeling, just a big warm welcome from everyone.” Dan emphasised that when he first started, coworkers made him feel supported at every turn. "People urged me to ask if I had any questions and I knew they meant it, which really helped me to feel comfortable and confident quickly."

The tagline "The Answer is People" is frequently used at Answer, who place people at the centre of everything they do. “You feel trusted to have a lot of independence, making all employees feel valued,” said Dan.

Based on their initial few weeks of employment at the company, John and Dan used the phrases "energetic," "fresh," and "forward-thinking" to describe Answer. "There's a lot of room to grow and progress, there are endless chances and amazing social gatherings where everyone can network and build fantastic friendships," said John. "I think that as we grow in our roles, so does Answer and that's remarkable."

Dan and John's perspective demonstrates the sense of community and inclusion that Answer delivers, as well as how crucial the Answer values are to the company. The Answer team understands that by cooperating and encouraging one another, they can accomplish great things!

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