Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Engineers will help you define and implement a Shift-Left test strategy, prioritising quality from the start to delivery. The bespoke strategy will be built on multi-layered functional and non functional automation, leading to lower costs, increased efficiency, reduced time to market and improved quality.

How we can help

By implementing robust and scalable product and service quality controls including Test Governance, Management, and facilitating User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT), we can ensure the appropriate level of assurance is undertaken to deliver your product or service.

Answer in action

  • Developed a comprehensive multi-layered automation suite for a CMS web-based pensions administration platform that included continuous UI and Integration testing, allowing us to release quickly and improve time-to-market. To ensure a bespoke UX, we implemented Applitools and BrowserStack and worked with third-party suppliers to implement Contract Testing. Additionally, we conducted Performance Testing to validate that the platform could handle the anticipated traffic up to five years in the future.

  • Our experienced team provided assurance of two AI open-source platforms to deliver clinically safe applications into healthcare. We designed and developed a multi-layered automation strategy covering the hybrid-hosting, microservice, serverless and event driven architecture across both platforms. Non-functional testing including performance, security and accessibility to WCAG2.1 AA standard contributed to the full assurance that was required to deliver these platforms across 10 Trusts.

  • Accelerated the adoption of a Shift-Left QA strategy to complement the digital transformation of a wealth management platform to microservices, SPA and cloud technologies. With our expertise in test architecture, thought leadership and automation, we helped Novia understand and solve their problem, change their culture and adopt test automation through seeding and upskilling their existing team.

Lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce time to market and improve quality

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